What is seo and how to get your website to display on Search Engine page

Everyone Say that if you want to increase your blog traffic and ranking in search engine you need to do SEO.

what is seo ?

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process of to increase the website quality and quantity of your website traffic.SO it can increase your website visibility on search engine web page. SEO is also known as Organic or Unpaid Result in Search Engine Result Page. SEO is a part of Search Engine Marketing. seo blog

Steps to Get Your Website to Show up on the SearchEngines Page

1.Make sure your website Published on .First step to publish your website in google webmaster or console .So google index and show your website in search engine page. We also recommended that each time you make changes on your website and publish on your server also you need to make new sitemap of your website and publish on google console so all content of your website start showing on google search engine.Google is important search engine because almost everyone use google and its most popular search engine but there are more search engine that are popular like being, yahoo and etc. Make sure you also publish in these search engine that help to increase your website traffic and also help in increase your Domain authority and Page authority.How to submit your website in google Search engine

2.Home page content up-to-date.It is very important to update your website home page content update it keep it relevant fast and safe, Internet constantly evolving and also search engine. The main purpose of search engine is to offer relevant and accurate result to user queries. And google crawl every day to search such a relevant and fresh content. That’s why we need to fresh content to our website. So google crawl your website and Fresh content in your website help in higher rank of your website in google search engine.

3.Use images in you Post There are so many reasons to use image in your blog post .But I am going to discuss some of these are. First it help in visually appealing it help to understand the content of your post for user. But its only benefits when you are going to use right image. So user can understand easily, these not help you to increase your CTR click through rate but also help to decrease Bounce rate.

4.Each Page must have unique description Not only the unique description but it should be approximately 150 to 160 characters long .So whole the meta tag fits on Search engine Results Pages when it display on search engine and people can understand what you are trying to say about your post or pages. That’s why each page should have unique description

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